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Our Story

In the fall of 2008, the Taylor family of Sugar Grove launched a collection campaign known as “Fill Your Doorstep.” This initiative invited residents and businesses to support community members struggling with the turbulent economy by placing food donations on their doorsteps. The overwhelming community response demonstrated a strong foundation of support for a larger and more consistent service, leading to the creation of Between Friends Food Pantry of Sugar Grove.

The pantry found a permanent home thanks to the generosity of Pete Wallers, Dave Burroughs, and Jim Michels, founders of Engineering Enterprises Inc., a local civil engineering firm. They provided the necessary space, and with their ongoing support and partnership, we have been serving the community from the same location since 2009.

Our original logo featured a fish and a cardinal in memory of two young area residents who tragically lost their lives in a car accident as the original Fill Your Doorstep campaign concluded. The fish and cardinal represented each boy’s favorite hobby and baseball team, respectively. Although our logo has since changed, we continue to honor the spirit of friendship they embodied through our dedication to serving and supporting our community members in need.

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