Have you heard the moooos?

Cow Pie Bingo Rules

Sunday, October 7th

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Calamity Janes Bar & Restaurant

9S593 RT. 47, Sugar Grove

Tickets can be purchased at Calamity Jane's and any food pantry volunteer. 

  1. Field will be divided into equal squares.

  2. Each square will be assigned a number.

  3. 3.Squares (Raffle Tickets) are sold for $10 each.

  4. You must be 18 years old or older to purchase a square.

  5. There is no limit to the number of squares that can be purchased by an individual.

  6. The cow will be released onto the field and will continue to freely roam that area until for 1 hour.

  7. If the cow happens to drop its FIRST cow pie into your square, YOU WIN!!!

  8. Winner is based off the cow’s FIRST plop within the numbered field.

  9. If the cow pie lands in one or more squares, the square that contains the largest portion of the pie will be declared the winner.

  10. If the portions are too close to determine a winner, the prize money will be split equally between the shared square holders.

  11. If the cow drops on the intersection of four squares, the cash prize will be split four ways evenly among the four owners.

  12. Plop prize winner will receive $400.00. In the event that all 200 squares are not sold, the winning prize money will be 20% of ticket sales.

  13. If within 1 hour, the cow has not dropped a pie, the winner will be awarded to the owner of the square where the cow’s front right foot is standing. The prize amount will be split between square holders if the cow’s right food is in one or more squares, the prize money will be split equally between the shared square holders.

  14. If the cow pie lands on a square that is unsold, the winner will be the closest “sold” square or squares immediately adjacent to and sharing at least one full side with the unnumbered, unsold square. This could end up being more than one winner (up to, but not to exceed, 4 winners) who would share in the prize money equally.

  15. Judges will be present during the event to determine the winner. The decision of the officials is final.

  16. The winning square and owner’s name will be announced at the end of the game. Winner DOES NOT need to be present to win, but upon notification via phone and/or by email, the winner has 30 days to claim the prize or it will be considered a donation to Between Friends Sugar Grove Food Pantry.

  17. Winners must provide proof of square ownership before prize money will be awarded.

  18. Event will be held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

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